We’re Going to Print!

We’re Going to Print!

A big thank you to everybody who took part in the poll to decide which one of the images from my recent show ‘A Festival of Colour’ should be released in print form.

It was a close run poll, but “Sunstroke” won the contest slightly ahead of “Blue Bells”. So, by popular demand, “Sunstroke” is now available as a limited edition print!


This picture was a deliberately different take on the conventional poppy field theme. The idea to paint it came to me as I was lying on the ground in a huge field of poppies, with the high summer sun beating down on my face.

I was in my spiritual home, in Provence, in the south of France. As I was lying there, I opened my eyes and looked up, and I  knew I had to paint exactly what I saw. I deliberately used bold strokes of colour in the sky to increase the sense of movement and to express the intensity of the light. I wanted to paint a composition that not only caught the light on the poppies, but also expressed the strength of the sun on them, and the sense of wonder and contentment I felt as I was lying there among them.

“Sunstroke” is available as a limited edition of 100 prints only, numbered and signed, and with a certificate of authenticity included.


The user friendly price of £195.00 includes postage and handling. Please see details about how to order below.




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