A Festival of Colour @ The Edenbridge Galleries

28th November – 24th December 2015

This show follows on from my successful London show in October and continues to represent the culmination of the past two years work which has been the most colour expressionist period of my career so far as an artist.

The show is principally be inspired by India: an amazing, charismatic, evocative and spiritual country, full of contradictions and colour, a meeting place of old and new, where it is not uncommon to pass through villages with mud huts emblazoned with the Vodafone logo, hand painted meticulously in pillar-box red and white. Power stations loom ominously as testaments to impending modernisation, whilst surrounding farms store piles of dried patties of cow dung, intended as fuel for heating. It is a land of magic and sparkle, of glitz, glamour and Bollywood weddings. Firework frenzies and cacophonous music mark every event!

In the month that I was there, principally in Rajasthan, I went on a road trip with a guide and driver that spanned nine major cities and 3000 kms on roads that were sometimes dirt tracks, through villages where they had hardly ever seen Westerners, and on motorways where everything comes to a halt for crossing herds of cows!

It wasn’t a trip, it was a life journey…

Other sources of inspiration for this show include Morocco, another country of colour and extremes, where in Marrakech lustrous silks are woven into garments on a converted bicycle wheel and you might bump into Indiana Jones amongst the snake charmers on the famous central square, Jemaar El Fnaa.

A new theme is also coming to light rather literally in the guise of London night time cityscapes. I have for some time been fascinated by the light and colour effects created at night by the neon illuminations beaming out into the nocturnal heavens. This theme will also be a crucial part of the show.

More familiar subject matter will be seen in the form of French and Italian landscapes, both countries being very close to my heart, having lived in the former for 20 years and the latter for now approaching a decade.

So come down to my latest show in Edenbridge and see how inspired I have been by experiencing these places…

A Festival of Colour @ The Edenbridge Galleries, 1 The Square, Church Street, Edenbridge Kent.

For more information contact john_bourne@hotmail.com or telephone 01732 864163

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