Stardust Print Collection


Stardust is a collection of iconic portraits expressing the fragile relationship between talent, fame, and their ephemeral link with the human experience…

Not all of the subjects that you will see in this series will be deceased rock legends, some will still be with us but it is my objective to portray them at the moment that they were at the heights of their personal abilities in my opinion, not necessarily at the heights of their personal fame and fortune.

The list of great performers that have passed in recent times has shockingly increased this year and it is really the passing of Bowie that set me on this path, as for my generation there is no one who has had a greater influence on the world of music, culture and style. He is a case in point as many people that I know who were not of my era had never heard of him when he was Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars, the moment at which he was at his zenith.

Rod Stewart is a similar case for me as it was with the Faces in the early Seventies that he really made his mark as a singer and influenced the sound of that period, before he went to America.

So keep following this page as there will be more of these icons, particularly from the late Sixties and Seventies, the period that I was honoured to have lived through and when England was really Rockin’…

And we haven’t got to Punk yet!

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