Interview In This Month’s Pastel Journal

Interview In This Month’s Pastel Journal

pastel-journal-december-coverSome months ago I was contacted by the Pastel Journal in Ohio in the US after they had seen my work in the Pastel Society Annual show in the Mall galleries and had then visited my website.

They wished to conduct an interview with me and illustrate it with my work for the December issue of their magazine. I was impressed by this touch of professionalism as so often magazines, whilst very happy to accept editorial, expect you to write it for them.

I looked them up on the net and to my delight found that they were a very upmarket pastel magazine, in fact the best I have ever seen. I was very impressed by the general standard of other artist’s work illustrated.

The hour long interview was scheduled with a fellow artist and accomplished writer John Parks and was conducted on Skype with me at home in Italy and him in New York. John and I immediately hit it off as we have a lot in common: he is in fact English, went to the RCA and had followed a similar path to myself albeit a decade earlier which gave rise to a very interesting conversation, sharing our joint passions for music and art..

When we finally parted company, he left with a great deal of information on my work as we in fact talked for three hours! John is a very erudite man and a pleasure to talk to. The ensuing article is very well written by someone who understands the artistic process, so do please take the time to read it!

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