Hey You’re In a Bestseller!

Hey You’re In a Bestseller!

“Hey you’re in a bestseller!” said a friend and client as I walked into the Bourne Gallery for the Private View. “Really?” I replied thinking it was a joke.
“No, seriously,” said the client and went and got the book that he had brought with him to show me. When I saw the name on the cover of the book, Portent by James Herbert, I knew it was serious as James was a collector of my work who had subsequently become a friend.
He hadn’t told me of this backhanded compliment and I must must admit that I purred with pride to see my name in one of his bestselling novels.

It is a tragedy that James and his talent have been taken from us whilst still a relatively young man…

“She followed without being invited and quickly took in her surroundings. The place was tidy without being fussily so. Filled bookshelves rose on either side of the fireplace; a small-screen wall television set was mounted opposite a wide comfortable-looking sofa; an assortment of magazines and newspapers were stacked on a low coffee table; on a long sideboard behind the sofa were framed photographs – two of an elderly couple, another of a youngish family, a man and a woman seated on a garden swing-seat, two boys kneeling on the grass before them, all of them smiling brightly at the camera. The bleakness of the living room’s white walls was broken up by three vivid original landscape pastels, all of them easily recognisable as Provence and signed by David Napp. Rivers’ hi-fi system was an old-fashioned Bang & Olufsen. The room’s drapes were light and too elegantly feminine to have been chosen by Rivers himself. Unless, of course, she had got him entirely wrong.”

From the bestselling novel “Portent” by the author James Herbert. (Now sadly deceased.)



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